"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."
Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD
Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

Exactly What I Needed

Many thanks for bringing much-needed experience and objective professionalism into my life at a most critical time. Your staff's words of encouragement helped me to decide to get an operation, which no doubt saved my life. For that I cannot thank them enough! My consultation with Ralph last Tuesday was exactly what I needed at this post-op point in time. I knew immediately that I was speaking with an objective and most experienced professional in the cancer world. Not only did he know his 'stuff' but he communicated with me in a caring and understandable manner, which I appreciated tremendously.
Testimonial By: M.W.

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