"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."
Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD
Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

I would recommend calling him first

My telephone consultation with Ralph Moss was extremely helpful giving me and my family a wealth of information but also helped us to focus on what would be most helpful. He answered all our questions thoughtfully and his passion for his work and wanting to guide me and others is refreshing. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of cancer research including more alternative approaches to treatment which might be difficult to find out about. Most importantly, he encouraged me to call or email him should other questions come up and to let him know what I have decided to do. Before starting your own search, I would recommend calling him first to help guide the way in this difficult and confusing area. I appreciated his positive and down to earth approach.
Testimonial By: G.J.

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