"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."
Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD
Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University


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The Moss Report on Melanoma deals with both conventional as well as complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments of this disease. The main conventional treatments of melanoma are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and (increasingly) immunotherapy. Treatment today is a vast improvement over the "bad old days” of radical surgery. But it still leaves much to be desired.

While conventional melanoma treatment definitely has its place, there are also other treatments that offer hope to melanoma patients, including patients who have experienced a recurrence of their disease. Oncology as a whole is undergoing a profound revolution in which genetically determined treatments, targeted drugs and powerful immune therapies (including the new immune checkpoint inhibitors) are overturning previously held dogmas on the best approach. These new treatments are playing an increasingly important role in the treatment of many diseases, including melanoma. I have been writing about these exciting developments since my first days as a science writer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York in the 1970s. Some of this is within reach of melanoma patients today. What to do, and where to go, is spelled out in this 400+ page Moss Report on Melanoma. I even give practical formulas that address the molecular "hallmarks of cancer" using common over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs, nutraceuticals, and even some foods that you probably have in your pantry right now.

I believe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversees a drug approval process that in many ways caters to the needs and wishes of the largest corporations (“Big Pharma”) over patients and their loved ones. The same is not as true in other places in the world, where there is greater medical freedom of choice for both doctors and patients. Germany is a prime example of such a system. If possible, you should consider going to a doctor, clinic or hospital that specializes in an integrative approach to cancer, including melanoma. There are scientifically valid treatment programs unknown to the conventional medical establishment in the US. What these non-US clinics are doing promises substantial benefit to melanoma patients, even those with advanced disease.

In this Moss Report on Melanoma I discuss the most promising of these new treatments. Some of these clinics use immunotherapy, hyperthermia, botanical extracts or viral therapy entirely unavailable in the United States.

In search of insight into these, I have gone around the world (17 trips to Germany alone!) to visit doctors and clinics using promising or unusual treatments. A big part of the Moss Reports on Melanoma is a serious assessment of cancer clinics not just in the US and Canada, but also in central Europe, Mexico, Israel and China. It is amazing to me how a treatment that is unavailable in the US is commonly used in another country. No whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) is legally available in the US, but 125 clinics in Germany give WBH, and many of these welcome English-speaking patients. I discuss and rank the most promising of these in the Moss Report on Melanoma.

My overall goal is to provide you, the melanoma patient or caregiver, with a frank and unbiased evaluation of the many conflicting claims in the field and help you formulate a winning plan. I sincerely hope that my 40+ years of experience will help guide you to a successful victory over this disease!

I know that US $297 is a lot of money, but it is what we need to continue to independently evaluate clinics, doctors and treatments around the world. We try to update all The Moss Reports every year, and as long as we are able to, we will offer FREE updates on the current report. To get your free updates, just sign up for my blog at www.ralphmossblog.com. I will announce whenever there is a report update, and you can then email my associate Martha to receive the latest version.

But, whether you buy a report or not, or do a phone consultation or not, you have my best wishes for a complete restoration of your good health!

Ralph W. Moss, PhD