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From Moss Report Clients:

"At first, I thought the $297 price was a bit steep. But the report is excellent. Trying to evaluate the claims of the various alternatives is grasping at wind. I appreciate all of the legwork that you have done to investigate the clinics and the treatment methods. The report was well worth the money, and I have already begun recomending it to other colon cancer patients."   —David R.

"When faced with the diagnosis of two separate cancers, I panicked and fell into despair. I was overwhelmed by all the information about cancer and confused about which treatments to choose. Ralph Moss and his invaluable reports rescued me. His exhaustive and up-to-date research gave me knowledge and direction, especially about progressive European clinics... The Moss Reports should be required reading for all cancer patients. I am now well on the road to recovery."   —Merle G.


From Consultations:

"Ralph Moss is brilliant.   In terms of cancer care, it actually wasexciting to listen to his information.  His knowledge is encyclopedicand deep; any question we put to him was answered instantly ...thoroughly ... and with great insight.  He analyzed my oncologicalstatus and, with great simplicity, suggested a course of action whichincludes several alternate modalities.  It is instructive andreassuring to have his guidance.  Thank you, Dr. Moss!"   —J.S.

"After reading about Dr. Moss in Suzanne Somers book "Knockout", Iknew he would be a critical source of information and guidance, and hecertainly did not disappoint. Taking on this battle can be frighteningand lonely, so I am thankful for such a beacon of light and hope. Theinsight and information he shared with me during my consultation wasindeed enlightening, and although I had thoroughly read his report onmy cancer, our talk lifted my spirits, with a renewed sense of findingtreatments I can live with. The traditional one size fits all is justnot something I can feel comfortable with, I knew in my heart therehad to be a better way. Thank you Dr Moss, for everything, but mostlyfor giving me a renewed sense of vigor for continuing to fight, in theway I know in my heart is right, rather than giving in to thetraditional treatment. Sometimes, feeling a little lost and exhausted,I have felt beaten down enough to go against my better judgment andsurrender. Pain can certainly be a factor as well, in weakening thespirit, but I am ready to go the distance."    —K.M.


From Experts:

"Ralph Moss performs a great service for those who want to know more about cancer, which includes a vast number of people both at present and likely long into the future."Prof. Peter Pedersen, PhD, Department of Biological Chemistry, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

"Ralph Moss, Ph.D...has been a pivotal figure in this country forpromoting change and dialogue. He is sincere, dedicated, reasonable,and flexible."   —Harold P. Freeman, MD,Chairman Emeritus of the President's CancerPanel; Past National President of the American Cancer Society;Associate Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI); Director ofSurgery at North General Hospital and Medical Director of The RalphLauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in New York City

"Ralph Moss has contributed extensively to literature that deals withalternative approaches for the treatment of cancer. His professionalcolleagues, both in mainstream medicine as well as complementarymedicine, regard him as one of the foremost authorities in this field.His work is widely published and I have drawn upon it to evaluate themore controversial aspects of cancer treatment. Moss has also providedvaluable leadership in the ongoing search for more holistic treatmentsfor cancer. All his colleagues, including me, hold him in highprofessional regard."   —Deepak Chopra, MD